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by K Webster
Published by Self-published Genres: Dark Romance
Format: eARC

This Isn’t Fair, Baby

War & Peace Series #6
by K. Webster
Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark Romance

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***This is the sixth book in the series. First five books must be read in order to fully understand this story line.***

The king in my world fell and a new one slid into place.
He wasn’t just.
He wasn’t FAIR.
He was cruel and hateful and twisted.

But I had this black king figured out.
Or so I thought.

The game became complicated because my black king had some new moves and one of those involved my heart. Hope trickled in for the briefest of moments.

That is, until my black king and my heart sided against me. Those two didn’t play FAIR. They used me as their pawn in a bigger game—a game I didn’t know how to play.

The laws changed. I didn’t play by their rules anymore, for the queen makes up her own.

I am not a pawn.
I am not theirs to use and abuse.
I belong to nobody.

There are new players on the board and they don’t play FAIR either. But the white king does know how to treat his queen. And together, they will make them pay.

All’s FAIR in love and war, right?
Definitely not this time.

This Isn’t Fair, Baby is a dark romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you.

Renee’s Five Star Review

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie’s Book Reports.

This Isn’t Fair, Baby is the sixth book in K Webster’s War and Peace Series. You have to read the other five books before this one or you are going to be lost. This book is about Vee.

I had one king in my world but he fell and a new one slid into his place. He wasn’t just or fair. He was twisted, hateful and cruel. I thought I had this black king figured out….I was so wrong. The black king had new moves. Moves that became complicated and included my heart. Hope trickled through me for only a moment until my black king and my heart sided against me. Those two didn’t play fair. They used me as a pawn in a bigger game. A game that I sure didn’t know how to play. The laws changed and I didn’t play by their rules anymore. The queen makes up her own rules. I am not a pawn or theirs to use and abuse. I belong to nobody. When there is a new player on the board I quickly learn he doesn’t play fair either. But, he sure does know how to treat his queen. Together we will make them pay. All is fair in love and war. Definitely not this time though.

Holy cow what a book. As is true K Webster style, I didn’t see a lot of things coming and had my heart in my throat quiet a few times while reading. We last saw Vee in the epilogue of This Is Me, Baby. She was in the clutches of Esteban. This Isn’t Fair, Baby picks up right where that epilogue left us. Oh Esteban you evil psycho. And you better hold one because I swear I knew Oscar was unhinged after the death of his brother but he shocked the pants off me in this book. I honestly thought this book would be about Oscar and Vee. She’s been in love with him since she was just a little girl and I totally thought this was their payoff. Nope. No. I was so wrong. This book surprised me in so many way. Ways that had me thinking how in the world is this going to work but the second it does start working I fell so in love with Vee and who she actually is with. I rooted so hard for them through this entire book. I love him. He may be the villain in some peoples story but he sure isn’t in this one. He and Vee are so perfect for each other and the girl blossoms in this book. She finds her true self in this book and it was so much fun to be a part of that. I could say a million more things about this book but I am so terrified I will give something away and ruin it for someone.

I LOVE dark twisted books. K Webster’s War and Peace Series has got to be one of my absolute favorites. I will say I was sad when I got to the end for now and learned one more novella and this series is over. It’s been so much fun to spend time with all these characters and I am going to be so sad for it all to end. That’s the good thing about books. You can always go back and read them again later on and experience the greatness all over again.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie’s Book Reports.

**Carla’s Five Star Review (even though 5 stars are not enough for this amazing book).

This Isn’t Fair, Baby is the sixth installment in the War & Peace series, and it is NOT a standalone.

OMG! What a great addition to an already amazing series!! I swear, K. Webster never disappoints! She always delivers a story that is hot, dark, and twisted. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a K. Webster story without some super shocking moments. I cannot lie, there were moments when I wanted to put my hands over my eyes and just peak through the cracks like you would do during a horror movie. I devoured this book in one sitting! Yes, it is just that exciting!

Since K. Webster has threatened us all with bodily harm if we reveal too many details regarding this story, I am just going to say that I love, love the main characters in this book! She is his queen, and he is her king. They are simply perfect for one another. Two parts of one black soul. Of course, we are reacquainted with past characters-some I love and some I wanted to kill with my bare hands.

If you haven’t read the other books in this series, buy them NOW! Seriously, this series is a must read! Another phenomenal read, K. Webster!!

About K. Webster

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K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

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