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Waking the Watcher by Kim Loraine Release and Review

by Kim Loraine
Published by Self-published Genres: Paranormal

Waking the Watcher

by Kim Loraine

Release and Review




My ultimate downfall,
And demise.
I’m shackled to a life I can’t escape.
A life I never asked for.

Now, I’m trapped–soulless,
Burdened by a Watcher lurking within.
He wants out, he wants her.
But I can’t let that happen,
Won’t let that happen.

She’s mine.

Somehow that doesn’t matter.
I can’t have what I crave.
What I want.
What I need.

As the Watcher fights me,
Battles for control,
I refuse to succumb.
It’s a power I’ll never relinquish.
I can’t unleash what lies beneath,
Without paying the ultimate price,
And losing her in the end.


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Virginia’s Review

I had the honor of reading this book early and I loved it! I’m not a huge paranormal reader- I don’t know why- when I read them, I love them. And I loved this one.

Waking the Watcher is my first read by Kim Loraine and it will definitely not be my last. I found the storyline to be creative and unique, it is well written, and I completely fell in love with Galen. There is a lot of action that kept me interested and turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. Galen is a force- and by that I mean he has a strong presence and personality. He sees Reese, he wants Reese, and he’s going to have Reese. There are a few problems with that plan- mainly he’s a vampire. But there’s a lot that happens and it all keeps you wanting to continue. I loved the attraction between Galen and Reese- their chemistry is seriously off the charts. Like wow. HOT.

I’m really glad this will be a series, as I can’t wait to see what happens next!! A great start to a new series! I definitely recommend it!

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