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The Collaring Ceremony: His POV by Red Phoenix & Giveaway

The Collaring Ceremony:


Thane heard Brie sobbing outside his door. The sound of each shuddered intake of breath gutted him, but he would not fail in his resolve. Fighting the urge to call her back into his office, he reminded himself that this break was necessary. It was best for them both even though Brie would never understand the reasons why.

He wasn’t capable of the love she required—his past had seen to that. Thane appreciated that Brie needed a Master who could minister to her emotional needs, not simply service her with a plethora of technical skills. Her spirit would wither and die under the dominance of an emotionally stunted partner.

If he were a selfish bastard, he’d have accepted her affection and blamed her later when it didn’t work out. But he thought too much of Brie—of all his students—to play such games.

Being the headmaster of the Submissive Training Center allowed him to taste the essence of a D/s relationship without having to commit. Thane felt as if he had been especially designed for the role, honed by the scars that created the man he was now. Although it made him emotionally distant, he was singularly committed to his students.

Thane wanted each one to succeed in their training and enjoy the fruits of a healthy D/s partnership after they graduated from the Center. It motivated him to work long hours dissecting each student’s reactions during practicums to root out areas of concern, unrecognized strengths and fears. A well-rounded sub, one who understood her talents and triggers, could handle whatever life chose to throw at her.

Brie’s continuing cries called to him like a siren’s song, begging him to respond and end her heartache…

He cleared his throat several times. The mere idea of claiming Brie brought a flood of emotions he could not afford. He carried far too much baggage to make a suitable Master. Too much pain, too much distrust and—if he was truthful with himself— an unnatural fear that would doom any relationship.

Of course, he desired Brie, and knowing that she wanted to offer her collar to him only made things more difficult.

It’s for your own good, Brie.

Thane was relieved when he finally heard her leave. Brie would get over her infatuation quickly enough. Tomorrow she would choose a Dom and begin her life, a new future away from the Center and him.

He looked down at the photo of Brie. She stared back at him with a mixture of lust and love. It would be Tono Nosaka she would choose, he was sure of it. Although Wallace had the skills she required, Brie ran on emotion, and she loved the Asian Dom.

He picked up the picture Tono had taken of her during their session together, and slowly ripped it in half, then fourths…eighths…until it was transformed into meaningless confetti. He sprinkled the pieces into the trash, biting down the feelings of resentment towards the Kinbaku master. Knowing Nosaka would be the one to receive Brie’s devotion was unsettling to his soul.

It’s for the best, he reminded himself. I simply have to make it through the ceremony tomorrow.




The Center was bustling with activity the night of graduation. The group of girls this session had garnered the attention of Doms around the US, but a few had traveled across the ocean just to witness this graduating class. Thane was proud of all three girls. Each had excelled in the program, embracing their individual talents—ferreting out their fears and discovering their unique strengths.

Certainly Miss Wilson still had issues that needed to be dealt with, but all four of the trainers had been impressed with her progress. Lea had proven to be a particular surprise. Her ability to pinpoint the capacities and limitations of her Doms was a rare talent. Samantha had noticed her unique gift halfway through the program, and he had watched Lea closely ever since. Thane had suggested she become a part of their Dominant training and considered it a small triumph to have secured her talents for the Center.

Then there was Brie, the young woman with the instincts of an experienced submissive and the refreshing naivety of youth. It was a pleasing combination, made that much more appealing because of her natural ability to mold her desires to those of the Dom she was with. She was unaware of that characteristic within herself, which made it all the more enchanting to Thane.

Nosaka was a fortunate man. Brie would prove challenging for the Asian Dom, but the rewards would be substantial. Thane hoped she would encourage Ren to expand his horizons. Brie’s adventurous nature deserved guidance to explore all the sensual possibilities available to her. Even if the Kinbaku master were not the best match due to his limited focus, at least he returned her affections. Brie would never suffer under Nosaka’s care.

Thane walked into the building through the main entrance and was immediately greeted by the other trainers. He gave each their assignments for the evening. He’d chosen Marquis to be Brie’s escort. Even though the trainer had yet to forgive Thane for “tainting” her the second day of training, he had selected the opinionated Dom because he understood Brie. If she suffered a moment of indecision, Marquis would provide her with wise counsel.

Knowing Marquis was in charge of the girl helped ease Thane’s mind, and allowed him the freedom not to get involved. He could not remain impartial, and that was not what Brie needed in order to make such a monumental decision. Therefore, he was determined to stay clear of her as much as possible—for both their sakes. Thane planned to get drunk once the ceremony was over. It was a crutch he rarely indulged in, but tonight he craved the escape of intoxicated oblivion.

The three trainers left the commons to take care of their charges while Thane saw to several last minute details. As the time drew near, he walked onto the stage and waited.

At the top of the hour, Brie entered the room looking stunning in a scarlet corset and tiny black skirt that showed off her shapely ass. He appreciated the extra detail of the gold-covered heels on her six inch stilettos. Brie looked every part the seductive submissive.

She took his breath away.

As she approached, he noted the shift in her countenance. He had expected to see it. She was intent on partnering with another, and the angst that had radiated from her the night before was gone. It was all according to his plan, but it did not diminish the ache in his chest as he had hoped.

He noticed the dragon bracelet and the wolf comb in her hair as she stood beside him. Was it possible she hadn’t decided yet?

Brie’s smile was serene as he introduced her to the community. “As many of you know, this class of submissives graduated with the highest overall scores in our school’s distinguished history. Miss Bennett was head of her class.” He waited for the applause to die down before addressing Brie directly.

Thane was impersonal in his congratulations as he shook her hand. “Well done, Miss Bennett.” He gave her a curt nod as he let go of her hand, knowing it would be the last time he would touch her. He turned and called Lea’s name.

Don’t think about it.

Once all three girls had received their diplomas, they dispersed to mingle with the community. Thane was not surprised to see Brie go directly to Nosaka. He noticed Wallace standing on the sidelines, obviously unhappy with her choice. Thane shook his head, suspecting he would not be the only one needing the assistance of alcohol tonight.

Something else caught Thane’s attention. The old man. His eyes were riveted on Brie, and his cold stare belied the expressionless look on his face. Nosaka’s father was a hard man; talented but very judgmental. It would be difficult for Brie if he did not approve of her.

Ms. Clark came up to Thane and asked about Lea’s accommodations for the interviews. When he turned back, he was disheartened to see the old man walking off with Nosaka following close behind. The devastation on Brie’s face said it all.

Thane called Marquis to him. “Miss Bennett may need your counsel.”

“Yes, I saw the exchange.”

While they watched, Wallace made his play. As always, he was overly aggressive with Brie. The possessive kiss he gave her was not appropriate for the occasion. It was an obvious attempt to keep challenging Dominants at bay. Thane growled under his breath.

“What was that?” Marquis asked.

Thane ignored the question. “Let’s begin the interviews early. Let Coen know, while I’ll inform Samantha.”

Marquis shook his head, but turned to leave. Against his better judgment, Thane stopped him. “Don’t let her settle, Gray. Better for her not to be collared tonight, than to partner with the wrong man.”

“This I know, Headmaster Davis,” Marquis remarked with irritation. “I have striven to keep her focused on that very fact. You, on the other hand, have gone out of your way to confuse her with your actions throughout her six-weeks of training.”

Thane was in no mood for his reprimand. He spotted Samantha in the crowd and headed towards her without acknowledging Marquis’ last remark. After relaying the message, Thane glanced in Brie’s direction. Even with the distance between them, he could tell Marquis was having a hard time convincing her to pick a Dom. Brie’s shock over what had transpired with Nosaka’s father must be clouding her ability to think clearly.

Was Brie so blinded by the old man’s rejection she was unaware there were at least a half a dozen qualified Doms willing to step in and take Nosaka’s place?

Apparently… Instead of interviewing someone new, she invited Wallace to join her.

“Don’t let your arrogance get in the way, boy,” Thane muttered under his breath.

Racheal, his assistant who was standing nearby, thought he was speaking to her. “I beg your pardon, Headmaster Davis?”

He smiled charmingly, covering himself. “Did you hear back from Rytsar Durov?”

“Yes. He’ll will be arriving late and leaving early tomorrow, but he assured me that he will make it before the collaring ceremony begins.”

Thane was grateful to hear it. A night spent with the Russian and his special brand of vodka was exactly what the doctor ordered. The oppressive weight he felt lightened. “Very well.”

Circulating through the commons and catching up with old friends was not enough. Knowing the boy was making his pitch for Brie’s collar was proving too much of a distraction. Even though he had trained Wallace and knew he had the talent to challenge her properly, he was not convinced the young pup would satisfy Brie.

In fact, he was afraid that if she chose Wallace, Thane might be forced—for the first time in the school’s history—to protest a collaring. What a scandal that would cause.

Don’t get involved, he reprimanded himself. Keep silent.

When the first interviews ended, he turned his back on Brie so that he wouldn’t have to see her expression as she emerged from the room with Wallace. He didn’t want to know how it had gone between them.

Thane engaged a group of new submissives in the community. Normally, he would be mentally assessing which ones would benefit from the program, but tonight he was content with simply entertaining them.

He glanced in Mary’s direction and was surprised to see Wallace entering her room for the second interview session. Now that is an interesting pairing, he thought to himself.  Thane was further surprised when he saw Marquis and his sub Celestia join Brie for her interview.

Trainers were not allowed to consort with students during the interviewing process. What was Marquis thinking?  Thane was about to intervene when he saw Celestia leave the room to retrieve Marquis’s flogger.

It was then that he understood the level of pain Brie must be suffering. He felt a pull to go to her and comfort Brie, but resisted the urge. Marquis was handling the situation, and Thane was confident he would help Brie regain her balance. He was correct. When the second interview session ended, Brie emerged from the room positively glowing with submissive confidence. And then she smiled…

Thane was captivated by that smile until he realized it was for Nosaka. The Asian Dom had returned to claim her.

He closed his eyes and let out a tortured sigh. This is good, he reminded himself.

Thane endured the next hour knowing the moment he had been dreading was rapidly approaching. However, he trusted that once Nosaka placed the collar around her neck, the unfamiliar stirrings she caused would cease. Thane respected the sanctity of the collar.

“Radost moya!”

Thane turned to see his best friend hoisting Brie into the air. He watched their playful exchange with mixed emotions. She was good for Rytsar. It seemed unfair that neither he nor the Russian would enjoy Brie’s unique light after tonight.

Durov motioned Thane over.

He hesitated, not wanting to join in their conversation, but needing to at the same time. It would be his final interaction with Brie before the collaring.

I can do this…

As he walked up to them, Thane noticed Durov’s eyes were locked on Ms. Clark, who seemed to be slowly making her way over to him. The Russian gave Thane an overly hard slap on the back.

“I cannot stay, moy droog. However, I wanted to congratulate you on training such a rare beauty. If she could handle Russian winters I would claim her for my own.”

Thane chuckled, unable to imagine Brie with the sadist. He was genuinely glad to have his best friend here as moral support. Only the Russian knew his true feelings for Brie. Durov understood him on a personal level no one else did. They’d been through a lot together…

“Drag your sorry zhopa out of this school for a couple of weeks and join me in Russia. I promise to show you a grandiose time.”

Thane scoffed at the suggestion. “Yes, well, some of us have to work for a living.”

Durov growled loudly in disgust. “Peasant.”

He answered with equal disgust, “Aristocrat.”

His Russian friend roared with laughter, smacking him hard again. “Come join me later tonight. You know where.” Durov turned his attention back to Brie, gently taking her hand and kissing the palm. “Choose wisely, radost moya.”

Thane knew what he meant by that simple comment, but did Brie?

He returned his friend’s slap on the back as a silent warning when he realized Ms. Clark was approaching with a look of determination. The Russian took the hint and signaled his entourage to leave with him.

Thane escorted them out, not wanting an incident to taint an already difficult evening.

“Don’t let her go, moy droog,” Durov said as they walked together.

Thane growled. “We’ve already been through this, Durov. As Headmaster, I’m not allowed to partner with a student. Besides, you know my past. I’m defective.”

His friend gave him a wide grin. “I am too, but should that mean we accept a lesser life?”

“Yes. Responsible men do not burden others with their emotional baggage.”

“Ah, but I disagree! If you insist on playing the idiot, maybe I should go back and claim her for myself.” He glanced at Brie with a lustful stare, looking as if he meant do it.

Thane put his hand on Durov’s shoulder and squeezed hard enough to bruise. “Don’t you dare go near her.”

“Hah! Your protective nature says a lot about your feelings, moy droog. Do not be a fool. You are in control of this situation, take what is yours.”

“You are the fool, my friend. Just because something is offered, does not mean one should claim it.”

Durov put his hand on Thane’s opposite shoulder and looked him in the eye. “I will think less of you if she is not wearing your collar by the end of the night.”

Thane chuckled as he brushed the Russian’s hand from him. “Regardless of what you think, I will be over tonight to drink you under the table.”

That I would like to see!” Durov looked at his entourage with impish glee while pointing at Thane. “You hear that cocky talk? Leave it to an American to think he can outdrink a Russian born and raised in the motherland.” The group of large men laughed at Thane’s expense, but he didn’t mind. Outdrinking them all would make for an interesting evening.

After Durov left, he returned to the celebration. He saw Marquis motion Brie over to him. The trainer was about to give her last minute instructions before the collaring ceremony.

Nosaka’s father had returned, determined to add the weight of his disapproval to the event. Thane shook his head. Brie would have a difficult time fighting that man’s influence over Nosaka. Thane knew the terrible impact parents could have on their offspring.

Wallace was standing, waiting for Brie with a confidence that would be amusing if Thane didn’t understand the disappointment he was about to face. The boy would learn a hard lesson tonight. Thane toyed with the idea of visiting Wallace later in the week to drown their sorrows together. He chuckled to himself, finding it oddly humorous he was in the same boat as the boy.

He glanced at his watch. The time had finally come…

Thane took his place back on stage and looked out over the crowd with a composed expression. No one would suspect the inner turmoil he was enduring.

Standing there, he thought back on what Durov had said. His friend was right. Thane could claim Brie, but it would be a purely selfish act. He was certain he would damage her with his personal demons.

Thane addressed the crowd in a clear voice devoid of emotion. “As a graduate, each submissive is given the opportunity to partake in the Collaring Ceremony. This year, one submissive has chosen to do so. Miss Bennett, present yourself to the community.”

Marquis escorted Brie out. She made her way to Thane, eyes downcast as she had been taught. Once beside him she knelt down, waiting.

Like a robot, he repeated the speech he had spoken many times before. “As is tradition for our school, a submissive who feels she has found her Master at the end of the course is allowed to present a ceremonial collar to the Dom of her choice. If accepted, a formal collaring ceremony will immediately follow.”

Thane turned and looked down at Brie. For a second, he almost lost his nerve. How could he give her up to another? From the moment he’d met Brie he knew he would be the one to possess her. It was the reason he took her anal virginity, despite the negative repercussions that followed.

Do not fail her.

Thane asked Brie, “Such a union is not to be entered into lightly. Are you secure in your decision?” He needed her to answer no.

Brie glanced up at him and nodded confidently. “I am, Sir.”

Let her go…

His spirit rebelled when he commanded, “Miss Bennett, present your collar now.”

She gracefully returned to her feet and stared at both potential Masters facing her. She walked forward without hesitation.

Each step that she took towards Tono Nosaka ripped at Thane’s heart, knowing he would be the one to receive Brie’s love and devotion.

Thane commanded silently, Don’t Brie.

She stopped as if she had heard his soul’s cry. Thane cursed himself when she turned around and faced him.

When Brie began walking towards him with the collar held out before her, Thane felt utter panic. He had no right to claim this woman. He shook his head slightly in warning, but she continued towards him with a confident smile.

I can’t do this. An image of his father dying in his arms flashed in his mind. He looked at her innocent face and thought, I will destroy her if I do.

Brie knelt before him, the collar raised up in silent petition.

For a moment, he actually entertained the idea of quitting the school and accepting her collar— but only for an instant. His selfish need did not justify the damage his emotional walls would create. In the end, he cared too much for Brie and answered with a gentle but resounding, “No.”

He saw her visibly shudder, and understood the pain his rejection caused. However, he was resolute. He could not harm the talented young woman bowing at his feet. She deserved a whole man, not a fractured soul.

Brie stood up slowly, tears streaming down her face.

He looked at her with remorse. I’m sorry. I am a broken man.

She turned and began walking away—the room deathly silent as she made her way to the elevator with her head held high.

An icy chill traveled through his body as he watched her go. Her laughter, her smell, and her gentle touch would be gone from him forever. He struggled to breathe as the cold reality hit him.

I need her.

That realization drowned out all his objections. If Brie left, he would have nothing. No accomplishment, and no level of power could make up for being truly loved. Selfish or not, he could not let her go.


She pressed the elevator button as if she hadn’t heard him.

He commanded firmly, “Come back and face me.”

Brie wiped her tears before meeting his gaze. Her eyes conveyed fear and longing as she approached.


She did not kneel immediately as if she were afraid of being hurt again. He saw the inner battle play across her face as she forced herself to bow at his feet.

Thane rewarded her trust by placing his hand on her head. A feeling of well-being flooded over him at the contact.

He looked up at his staff. “I resign as headmaster of the school. I offer up Master Anderson as a worthy replacement, but the panel will be in charge of the final decision.”

No one made a sound as he turned back to Brie. “Offer your collar to me again.”

Brie held up the collar and he took both it and the key from her.

It felt surreal to be speaking the vows he had charged submissives to memorize for years, but the words felt exceedingly poignant now. “I accept this collar as a symbol of the offering of yourself, and promise to thoughtfully guide and lead you.”

A chime sounded, marking the beginning of the formal ceremony. He felt a stirring in his soul as if an entirely new world had opened before him. Thane knelt down beside Brie. “You belong to me from this day onward. I will do all within my power to protect and keep you as you join me on this journey.”

He felt her tremble as he fastened the collar around her neck. Standing back up, he stated clearly so that all could hear, “You will wear this symbol of my ownership as a sign of our commitment to one another.”

“I accept this symbol of your ownership and will wear it proudly for all to see, Sir.”

He answered solemnly as he placed the small key around his neck, “And I shall wear this key as a symbol of our commitment.”

Thane had been waiting to say his next pronouncement ever since the night he’d taken her in the bondage room. “You now belong to me.”

Brie looked up at him with a look of pure love and adoration. “I now belong to you, Master.”

His heart skipped a beat.

Thane felt a new confidence flow through him as he spoke the words, “I accept your request to serve me and will honor your needs and desires. Trust that I will always put your best interests foremost in my dominance over you. Your happiness, health and well-being are in my care, and I will consciously tend to them because you are a part of me.”

I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, Brieeven from me.

She smiled. “Sir, I will honor and love you as I serve you to the best of my ability. My submission to you is freely given. I am now a part of you and will respect your dominance over me as our lives become one.”

He watched her, feeling almost numb as she leaned forward and kissed both of his feet.

“Stand before your Master,” he commanded.

When Brie stood up, he lifted her chin and kissed her, tasting his prize. You are mine.

The community applauded the new union as the chime rang out three times to end the ceremony. As the last ring echoed in the commons, he picked her up and made his way through the crowd, heading towards his office. He knew what he wanted to do with his newly acquired submissive.

Thane did not speak as he opened his office door and carried her in. With no thought to decorum, he swept the materials from his desk. He laid her on it and asked, “Do you realize what you’ve just done?”

She looked up at him, eyes luminous with love. “I could not deny my heart, Sir.” He could hear the regret in her voice when she added, “But I did not mean for you to resign from the Center.”

Thane shook his head, knowing she was telling the truth, but still astounded by her lack of forethought. “There was no other option. Surely you understood that.”

It was easy to read the guilt on her face when she confessed, “I did not think that far ahead.”

“No, you wouldn’t. You run on instinct—you always have.” Thane chuckled, finding her blind faith refreshing.

“Do your regret your decision?” she asked quietly.

He initially scoffed at the question. “Regret?” But then he stopped and asked himself, Will I regret leaving the Center? He wasn’t sure. Not being sure was new territory for him. “Regret is not something I do. However, I am surprised to find myself in this predicament.” He lightheartedly accused, “For a submissive, you’ve never quite grasped the idea of following orders.”

She blushed a lovely rose color.

“Mercifully, your disobedience was exactly what I required,” Thane acknowledged without shame.

He looked around the room at the numerous books he had accumulated over the years, along with all the personal mementos. He would definitely miss this place…

But when he gazed down at Brie he didn’t care. A single thought ran through his head and he voiced it aloud to her. “Mine.”

“All yours, Sir.”

He grasped the back of her neck and pressed his lips hard against hers. He felt Brie tremble in his arms and he surged with sexual need for her.

I will possess you mind, body and soul.

“You cannot know the number of times I sat in this office, imagining what I would do if I had you all to myself.” He leered at her—there was nothing to stop him now. “I think we should indulge my fantasies.” Thane took the cuffs Durov had given her.

Brie held out her wrists to him of her own accord. His cock swelled in response to her willingness to be used for his pleasure. He reached between her legs and stroked her swollen clit with his thumb. Good, she was equally affected.

Thane lifted her off the desk and held her wrists above her head, securing the metal cuffs to a small hook attached to the ceiling. She looked beautifully vulnerable, unable to resist her Master’s touch. His hands traveled down the curve of her body as he whistled appreciatively.

“I’ve always found your body irresistible, Brie. From that very first meeting in the tobacco shop I knew I wanted to possess it… You.”

Her whimper set his loins on fire and he claimed her with his mouth. Thane stopped to retrieve a box cutter from his desk. With a smirk, he cut the laces of her corset and let it drop to the ground. Her breasts were magnificent, round and full—and now they were all his. “Better,” he complimented as he cupped them in his hands.

Thane removed the dragon bracelet from her arm, then the wolf comb from Brie’s hair. Her long, brown curls tumbled down, framing her face. Thane smiled to himself knowing neither man could claim her now. He tossed both items in the trash where they belonged.

He removed her lace skirt and moist thong, commenting, “You’ve always looked good in just hose and heels, babygirl.” He leaned down to nibble her neck but was assaulted with an unwanted scent.

“You smell of other men. I must remedy that.”

He left her to gather soap and water. With a sensual caress, he washed every inch of skin. He was thorough, making sure there would be no trace of either man left on her.

Once Brie was made pure, Thane began nibbling her neck. He growled softly, feeling her sway in her bonds as her body struggled for control. He grazed her skin with his teeth as he made his way down to her breasts and nipped her erect nipple. Her soft gasp drove him wild.

Thane had denied himself too long to maintain self-control for any length of time…

He lowered himself to the floor and grasped her ass in both hands to partake of her wet femininity. “Fuck, you taste good.” He separated her outer lips and took another long lick of her. Brie twisted on the hook, moaning in pleasure.

He enjoyed having this effect on her; she was so tantalizing to tease.

Thane stood up and sat down at his desk, admiring his beauty. “I imagined you just like this, bound to be used at my disposal. To taste at my leisure.” He decided to pack, to draw out the moment. Picking up a box of books he no longer needed, he dumped them unceremoniously on the ground and started clearing the office of his personal effects.

Periodically, he glanced at Brie stretched out in a beautiful pose, waiting for her Master. He noticed distress written on her face and suspected the cause. She was feeling guilty as she watched him pack up his office.

To put her at ease while increasing the level sensuality, he took a strip of cloth from his desk and approached her. Her body emitted shockwaves of desire as he secured the blindfold over her eyes.

God, she was intoxicating.

Thane murmured to Brie in a low voice, “Ah, the allure of the unknown. Where will I touch you?”

Her breath caught when his fingertips traced the contours of her arm. He smiled when she giggled and tried to move as he lightly caressed her armpit. As a lesson in obedience, he pulled away from her.

When he saw Brie still herself, he returned to tease her delicate skin with light caresses, knowing the firestorm he was creating between her thighs. He needed to dive into the depths of that desire.

“I love you, Sir.”

The words were like an electrical jolt to his soul. He growled into her ear huskily, “What did you say?”

“I love you.”

He was suddenly overcome with a need to consume this woman. He kissed her roughly as he crushed her in his tight embrace. But the word love kept ringing through his mind—a word that was both powerful and terrible—distracting Thane from his quest. He shook his head and broke away, needing to think it through before proceeding.

Thane returned to packing while he came to grips with the intense emotions flowing through him. Love was a dangerous word, but he could not ignore how he felt despite the fact he was shocked by it.

I love Brie.

What a frightening notion. Love left people weak and vulnerable.

He heard her whimper and knew his silence had alarmed her. Thane returned to her side and traced her trembling lower lip, sharing the truth he’d been afraid to face. “The day I took your anal virginity, I’d never felt so vulnerable yet so powerful in my life. I fell in love with you then, and have only suffered for it ever since.”

“Suffer no more…” she offered.

Her answer sounded like a promise, the simple words touching him deeper than they should.

“Are you suggesting I take you, Brie?” he said lightly, moving away to resume packing.

Thane needed distance between them to regain control. If he took her now it would be fast and furious. Too many weeks of denial had stripped him of the restraint he prided himself on. He threw items into the box without thought, focusing instead on calming his libido.

While he worked, he explained to Brie, “I always told myself that the second I stopped caring about the Training Center, I would resign. When I saw you walking away from me, I knew that moment had come. The bravery it took to defy protocol and risk everything was inspiring, babygirl.”

Her slightly open lips and the tight buds of her nipples revealed her feelings of lust. They beckoned to him and he heeded their call…

“I have avoided you for so long, it seems like a sin to partake of you now.” Thane approached her like a lion preparing to pounce on its prey. “Fortunately, your Master enjoys sinful pleasures.”

He released Brie from the cuffs and removed the blindfold. Her eyes were burning with desire, her lips supple and parted—begging to be kissed. Thane picked her up, carrying her to the other side of the office to lay her down on the floor. He removed his clothes, his cock announcing his desire once it was freed. It was with prideful amusement he noted Brie’s eyes widen in appreciation as she gazed at his shaft.

Thane lay down beside her and trailed his fingers over her skin as he lured her in with his words. “All this time wanting to slip into your womanhood, but having to watch others enjoy it.”

“Why couldn’t you have taken me, Master?”

Thane traced her ruby lips with his index finger. “I knew if I ever allowed myself the luxury, I would be utterly lost.”

She smiled seductively. “You were, regardless.”

The thought was disconcerting to him. He growled into her ear, “At least I had the illusion of control.” He kissed her then, releasing all the pent up need and passion he’d carried for so long. She met every kiss, her desire just as great.

“Babygirl…” He explored her body with an insatiable hunger, grabbing, clawing, drawing her closer. He ravaged her mouth as he moved into position to take her.

“No,” he stated. He would not take her quickly. Thane looked down at Brie, determined she would know the significance of this first union. He caressed her body with his eyes instead.

“So breathtaking…”

With unhurried determination, he spread her legs wide open and crawled in between, warning her that he would take her excruciatingly slow. Thane gritted his teeth as he pressed the head of his cock against her warm opening.

Brie grabbed his ass, but he commanded, “Lie perfectly still. I want you to fully experience and remember the first time you were taken by your Master.”

She lay back, a look of willing surrender on her face. He worshipped her breasts with his mouth as he slowly breached her inner lips with his shaft.

Brie gasped in pleasure, and he answered with a groan of passionate frustration.

Her pussy was on fire, making it difficult not to come immediately. With the determination of an experience Dominant, he held back his orgasm. He kissed her again as his pushed further in. The constriction of her tight, wet inner recesses stimulated every nerve ending of his cock, from the sensitive head to the base.

It had never felt this good, and his balls ached for release. Thane kissed her neck, tasting the salt of her skin. He moved back to her lips as he made the final push into her depths. Both cried out in unison.

Thane was overcome with the connection—his soul had found its mate. He gazed deep into her eyes, realizing he would never love another. You are the one.

She whispered to him. “May I, Master?”

He held his breath, knowing there would be no stopping his orgasm once they began. He nodded slowly, and groaned when she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Thane took her face in his hands and kissed her with the fierceness of a condor as he made passionate love to Brie. When she cried out, it took him over the edge. Thane gave up all semblance of control and thrust fast and hard, finally giving into his lust.

Brie met his every stroke, taking him deeply as she purred, “My Sir…”

He grabbed his hips and tilted them upwards so he could claim her completely. Brie screamed out in pleasure as he fucked her—hard, deep, and without mercy.

When he felt his balls contract, signaling an impending orgasm, he ordered, “Come for your Master.”

“Yes…oh, yes!” she cried.

His body shuddered in forceful release, coating her insides with his love and possession. Her pussy began its own dance, caressing his cock with her intense orgasm. Thane bit her neck as he rode the effects of her pleasure.

After coming deep inside his woman, Thane was filled with an overpowering sense of unity. “You are mine, Brie Bennett. I will never let you go.”

He lifted himself up off the floor and walked to his desk. He picked up a black marker and approached Brie with a gleam in his eye. With artistic precision, he wrote his claim on her chest. Brie looked down and smiled when she saw that he had written the word Mine.

He handed the pen to her and stuck out his chest, giving her permission to do the same. Brie timidly penned the word Master across his skin, smiling sweetly as she did it. He nodded his approval afterwards and grasped a fistful of her dark hair, drawing her to him and kissing her. “Never forget that.”

She shook her head. “I won’t, Sir… I can’t.”

Her answer made him want her again, and he felt his cock stir in response. He needed to get out of there. Thane had far too many plans for her to waste any more time in this place. He ordered Brie to dress as he hastily put on his own clothes. It was endearing the way she picked up her corset with cut laces and held it up to him, pouting.

He grinned lustfully as he thrust the corset into his box. “You won’t be needing it, babygirl. You already have on what I want you to wear.”

Her look of surprise and then pride as she looked down at his marking on her chest made his loins rush with need for her. Grabbing his belongings, Thane took a moment to glance over his office one last time. He was filled with mixed emotions.

“It’s been a good run,” he finally stated, escorted Brie out and locking the door. It was time to leave this part of his life behind.

A good run…

Thane held out his arm to his submissive. He looked down at Brie proudly, commanding, “Head held high, but at a respectful angle.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Chest out,” he added. “Exude elegance and poise, confident in the knowledge you are mine.”

Thane escorted Brie back to the commons, hungry to know his little sub better. He was up for the challenge of this new arrangement—this new life—together.



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  • Reply lenceria Selu

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice,
    keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website
    to come back later on. All the best

    November 12, 2013 at 9:15 am
  • Reply Miranda

    The rejection… I just KNEW he would say yes, and then he didn’t… there were several moments when I read the book originally that I was thinking RED NO NO NO and then the world was set back to rights because Red is awesome.

    November 11, 2013 at 12:00 am
  • Reply Shay

    I love Sir (Thane) One of the sexier Alphas I have read in a while!!

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  • Reply Kayla the Bibliophile


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  • Reply Sheree

    I was surprised how Sir’s outside appearance can be so different than his emotions & thoughts. I LOVE him so.

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    What surprised me the most was Sir discussing how much he really loved Brie to his Russian friend Rytsar! I just assumed he’d kept his feelings to himself! WOW!

    November 10, 2013 at 6:57 pm
  • Reply Amy Jo

    Its been so awesome seeing Sir’s POV and can’t wait to have the ebook in my hands! 🙂 Just hard to believe its the end! 🙁

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  • Reply Jennifer

    Show how must Sir love Brie and he was will to let her go

    November 10, 2013 at 3:05 am
  • Reply Michelle Wiley-Thomas

    I was totally surprised Rystar knew how Sir felt about Brie. I was also surprised how jealous Sir was during the ceremony and ready to deny himself happiness

    November 9, 2013 at 11:57 pm
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    Mary’s backstabbing

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  • Reply Mary Jo Toth

    I loved how direct Rystar was with Thane about Brie and what he knew should be the results from the evening. Really liked seeing this part of their friendship.

    November 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm
  • Reply Kent

    What surprised me most was the way that Mary back-stabbed Brie and made it sound like she was having passionate sex with Wallace although obviously that ended up being a very good thing.

    November 9, 2013 at 7:34 pm
  • Reply Stephanie shannon

    I loved this series!!! Not only did I learn so much, I became Brie! I love all the characters and truly felt the love between Sir and Brie.

    November 9, 2013 at 6:23 pm
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    That sir changed his mind but oh was I so glad!!!

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    I’m surprised by the amount of attention Sir gave Brie. He never really let’s on how much he watches her every move.

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    Awwww…I loved it…It made me love Sir even more..and made me cry…

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    That Sir actually said No initially – after reading his POV up to that point And his speaking to Rystar I thought he would say Yes. It broke my heart when Brie walked away.

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    What surprised me the most is Sir’s determination to deny himself of Brie and her equal determination to make him see that they belonged together. Each knowing in their heart and soul they belonged together she dared break protocol and he dared to finally give in to his desire.

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    I was most surprised that Thane seemed surprised that he loved Brie. We knew it all along! 🙂

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    I was surprised that Tono wouldn’t have known how his father felt before the evening began. I was also surprised that Rystar didn’t do more to push Sir along.

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    What surprised me most was Tono’s father. I later understood but at the time I first read it, I was shocked by his influence and he vehemence with someone he had not met before.

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    I was most surprised by Sir’s feelings about Wallace as Brie’s possible dom. I LOVED reading that he thought he might have to protest the collaring.

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  • Reply Susanne Lovely

    I loved this series more than I can say. Red Phoenix can reach into the heart of the reader and elicit the music with a master’s touch. She makes you feel and what more could any author want? I am so happy to have found her and her books, especially the Brie series.

    Susanne Lovely

    November 9, 2013 at 11:07 am
  • Reply Barbara Miller

    What surprised me the most…. hmmm…. I don’t think any of it surprised me, honestly. It was nice to see his jealousy over the other interviewees, in his own words… I absolutely LOVED Brie and Masters story!

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  • Reply Becki Wyer

    I was most surprised that Sir finally accepted Brie’s collar. I was bawling my eyes out thinking he wouldn’t take it.

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    • Reply Red Phoenix

      Yes, it was a difficult scene to write, even though I knew how it would end. It was almost a tragedy, both people wanting to do the ‘right’ thing, but neither admitting what they really wanted. Makes me wonder how many times that happens in real life…


      November 9, 2013 at 11:02 am
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    I think what surprised me most about the collaring was how worked up Sir was during the entire night. He seemed to be in control of His emotions but this showed how little control he actually had. I loved seeing this side of Him.

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    Thanks Stephanie for running this awesome tour! You have been a real peach! Big hugs! ~Red

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    I was most surprised by how attentive Sir was to Wallace and Tono’s father. Maybe surprised isn’t the right word, but it definitely made me fall deeper in love with his character (personality)

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    • Reply Red Phoenix

      Yes, he wanted the best for her and kept an eye out even though he didn’t plan to get involved unless absolutely necessary. ~Red

      November 9, 2013 at 10:43 am

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