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I offer promotional services to authors to help market their novels. Cover Reveals, Trailer Reveals, Book Blitz’s, Promotionals, Reviews, Blog Tours. Feel free to contact me for referrals to other services as well.  You can message me more on the pricing of events or packages.  Cover Reveal – $30 Promo – $40 Blog Tour – $75 Review Tour – $75

Advertising on SBR:

Medium size book covers/ad space is $15/month.  Bundled rates are available.

Large size book covers/ad space is $30/month.  Bundled rates are available.

Prime “real estate” at  the top by the SBR logo is $100/month.  Bundled rates are available.

That’s Novel!  Internet Radio show monthly sponsorship fee:  $50/month; 2 sponsors max per month.



Ad Rules:  Ads will be in the left sidebar and will not rotate.

If all ad space is taken we will have a waiting list.

Images and links should be provided to me.  If using a book cover I will use my Amazon Affiliate links for the books.

Payments must be may via PayPal.  Invoices will be sent.

Stephanie’s Book Reports is hosted by iPage.  If the site should go down money will not be refunded.

Stephanie’s Book Reports reserves the right to remove any ad.

If you have an event you’d like to discuss with me please send me an email or fill out the form below.


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Stephanie’s Books Reports is a fantastic choice as an administrator of all book events. Both my blog tours and my cover reveal were run through Stephanie and all three events were well thought out, expertly coordinated and fun! Being a new author with very little knowledge of cover reveals and blog tours, Stephanie was able to guide me through the process with ease. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Stephanie, but I was also impressed with her dedication to the events and her meticulous attention to detail. ~M.S. Willis ~

 Stephanie’s Book Reports put together a blog tour for my book “The Wingman Chronicles” and readers found her site easy to maneuver, with all of the details about which blogs I’d be featured on, reviews, interviews, chats, purchasing links, dates and info about my shows, and where to find me on social media well organized and easy to find. The graphics were awesome, really drawing people in. I didn’t have to do anything except provide her the info and answers to necessary questions and then she took it all to a level I never could have imagined. My book sales and fanbase increased a great deal, and is continuing to do so and I attribute that to Stephanie’s hard work, and eye-catching, well organized, site. She does this for all the books she features, writing thorough reviews that are geared toward the every day person who wants to know what to read next, not trying overly hard to impress literary nerds and therefore alienating the every day reader. Overall Stephanie’s Book Reports is an eye-catching, informative, fun site to cruise! ~James Holeva

Stephanie is as personable as she is professional. She has run both of the Brie series online book tours and expanded my readership through the process. Stephanie cares about getting your book into the hands of readers, she cares about the professional look of your tour, and she cares about you as an author. A joy to work with and someone I am happy to recommend. ~Red Phoenix


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